LATONA Golf takes sustainability very seriously

As a small, start-up brand, we are proud of our early efforts in sustainability, and we look forward to building on this eco-friendly momentum as we grow. We are not perfect yet, but as we look toward the future of LATONA Golf we are making conscious decisions regarding sustainability and we are having frequent conversations with our vendors about recycled options, as we do our part to eliminate waste. To that end, we will always keep you informed on what steps are being taken, while updating you on the latest news as we continue to make progress. We are proud to announce that our garments will not be individually wrapped in plastic from the factory. We are using recycled tissue paper, shipping your chosen pieces in recycled boxes and our fulfillment house is working towards 99.9% sustainability by 2024. In addition, after much effort, our factory has located an entirely recycled version of our current fabric, that we adore. We are thrilled to be designing with this fabric on our next run. We will keep you in the recycled loop as we continue to make a difference.
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