LATONA Golf Apparel Brings Fashion to the Fairway

Stacey Latona brings fashion to the fairway through her line of functional and fiercely feminine women’s golf apparel

By Anna Swartz

Insistent on being included in the business that her male co-workers conducted outside the office, Stacey Latona stepped on the golf course 25 years ago and quickly realized “it was the place to be.” She says learning to play golf not only granted her quality time with CEOs and decision-makers but also helped her grow into a “more confident and well-rounded person.”

Latona had one problem, though: None of the golf apparel on the market fit her personality — and she knew other women felt the same. So, in April 2023, after fine-tuning her designs for a couple of years, she launched LATONA, a brand offering fashion-forward functional apparel that allows women to feel and look good on and off the course.

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