Elevating Her Game to Extraordinary, Before She Even Steps up to the Tee

A Breakthrough in Women’s Golf Fashion

Launching in Spring of 2023

Our Team

Welcome to the executive team behind

Stacey Latona

CEO/Brand Director/Founder

Stacey’s career has taken her from the broadcast industry as an on-air personality to Professional Sports Sales for both the Detroit Red Wings and the PGA TOUR. She currently holds a Director, Sales position for a PGA event in Detroit. Her entrepreneurial drive began with fashion in the maternity wear category, where she felt it was time to showcase the belly, not bury it under a tent of material. With form fitting, comfortable, fashion options for pregnant women. She Co-founded the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders (the “Unofficial” Lion’s Cheerleaders) in the early 2000’s to give Detroit Lion fans something to finally cheer about. 

Her constant pursuit of pushing boundaries in all areas of her personal and professional life, her passion for golf, getting more women on the golf course and love of fashion, have brought her to this defining moment. “Not one woman should have to sacrifice her personality, femininity or quite frankly, their sexiness, to step on a golf course!” With years of experience on tap, drive, ambition, knowledge of the golf industry and pure exhaustion trying to find a decent golf outfit to showcase her style... LATONA was founded. “We are going to change the face of what women wear on the golf course. I’m done waiting for someone else to do it for us!” 

“You can have classy, sporty, sexy and functional in one garment. We are about to show you how!!” 

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Sarah Torres

Sarah Torres holds an MBA from Eastern Michigan University and, over her 10-plus years in the accounting field, has served as an accountant, operations accountant, payroll accountant, senior accountant, accounting manager, and financial controller. In her role as co-founder and CFO of AriaLab, LLC, Sarah specializes in providing expert support and services across a wide range of financial needs including bookkeeping, accounting system setup and optimization, cost- and managerial- accounting, inventory control, payroll management, cash-flow management, and fractional CFO services.

Sydney Gayman

Sydney has become a key player at LATONA Golf in a very short amount of time. Her organization skills, attention to detail and computer savvy has made her a person the LATONA team depends on. Sydney began her career in the retail sector where she gained extensive knowledge in customer service, clothing sales and an understanding of what makes women feel good in fashion. She was heavily involved in e-commerce retail and shipping and her ability to style women of all shapes and sizes made her a sought-after team member for Madewell Corporate. While developing a deeper understanding of her next career move, Sydney went to work for Rasor Law Firm to determine if Law school was in her future. She quickly became a valued member of the firm and took on many duties including becoming the firm Social Media coordinator. After graduating from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in English, Sydney plans to return to school to obtain her master’s degree in Behavioral Psychology. Sydney serves as the Operations Manager for LATONA Golf, her work ethic and willingness to dive in with whatever task is needed makes her an integral part of our launch and ultimately the brand’s success.

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