Elevating Her Game to Extraordinary, Before She Even Steps on the Green

A Breakthrough in Women’s Golf Fashion

Launching Summer of 2022

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Stacey Latona

CEO/Brand Director/Founder

Stacey’s career has taken her from the broadcast industry as an on-air personality to Professional Sports Sales for both the Detroit Red Wings and the PGA TOUR. She currently holds a Director, Sales position for a PGA event in Detroit. Her entrepreneurial drive began with fashion in the maternity wear category, where she felt it was time to showcase the belly, not bury it under a tent of material. With form fitting, comfortable, fashion options for pregnant women. She Co-founded the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders (the “Unofficial” Lion’s Cheerleaders) in the early 2000’s to give Detroit Lion fans something to finally cheer about. 

Her constant pursuit of pushing boundaries in all areas of her personal and professional life, her passion for golf, getting more women on the golf course and love of fashion, have brought her to this defining moment. “Not one woman should have to sacrifice her personality, femininity or quite frankly, their sexiness, to step on a golf course!” With years of experience on tap, drive, ambition, knowledge of the golf industry and pure exhaustion trying to find a decent golf outfit to showcase her style... LATONA was founded. “We are going to change the face of what women wear on the golf course. I’m done waiting for someone else to do it for us!” 

“You can have classy, sporty, sexy and functional in one garment. We are about to show you how!!” 

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Franka Lisia Sadler

Product Development Manager

Trinidadian - American fashion designer Franka Lisia Sadler was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Franka gets her burning desire to create beautiful things and gained an eye for fashion from her grand-father and uncle who were both tailors, and her technical design abilities from her father who was a mechanical draftsman and carpenter.

While still in school to become a seasoned fashion designer, Franka gained hands on experience working at a small contemporary firm called Can Do Fashions. While there she wore many hats as a Pattern Maker, Sample Maker, Marker Maker and in Quality Assurance. Franka graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa Florida, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Throughout her career Franka has worked for big box, television retailers and specialty apparel brands such as Target, HSN, QVC, Carhartt, and Destination Maternity. By utilizing her unique draping techniques, patternmaking, and apparel engineering talents, her efforts in these roles gained customer loyalty and increased sales. She was awarded two Key Team Player awards by Doug Howe, who was Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Planning During her tenure at QVC.

Franka’s inaugural line of her brand Francesca Kahleen will be shown during the September 2021 New York Fashion week. Franka’s journey is a classic example of a woman following her dreams. Her bridal designs, a mix of art deco inspiration, architecture, and old Hollywood, give her luxurious feminine gowns, a polished and distinctive look. Franka also works with emerging designers and brands, inspiring them to push past the initial inspiration sketch and embrace creating great fit, quality, and construction for their clients. In her free time, Franka enjoys song writing, singing, cooking, and traveling with her husband Roy of 30 years. She is also a lover of animals and is hoping to one day slow down enough to have a pet that she can play with and make funny home videos.


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